Major José Levy Sobrinho

In the 1940s, the company Levy & Levy consisting of it's owner Major José Levy Sobrinho and his two sons, started at the Itapema Farm in Limeira, the production of a sugar cane liquor called CANITA.

This product with it's unique quality became famous and songht after.

The last company participation of Major Levy, took place 1957, when the family decided to preserve this crop in his memory.

Major Levy, with his son and grandson (José Manoel de Oliveira Levy), standing by the first sugar cane crop used for production of the cachaça.


Now, 43 years later, the liquor has matured in wooden casks, and has been put to sale by his great and grandsons.

This special reserve of a limited quantity, is called "Itapema".

This is an unique opportunity to getting a flavor of history (yours, for ex) in the first glass.

Excellent to have this product in your private reserve, for it's unequaled flavor, color and bouquet, provided by it's 40 years of maturation in wooden casks.


Emanoel with the new bottle and José Manoel de Oliveira Levy with tradicional cachaça, posiny for picture an article in published by magazine in 01/31/99.
Itapema Farm Facade.
Entrance of the Farm and casks maturing the crop since 1957.

On the 22 de january 1999, the newspaper Gazeta Mercantile published the complete story of Itapema liquor (cachaça) wich proves the veracity and quality of the product.

According to the research professor Dr. Fernando Valadares Novaes, an expert professor from (ESALQ University), "the Itapema cachaça is unique". Itapema is the oldest "cachaça" in Brazil.


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210 ml.
US$ 9,00


500 ml.
US$ 20,00
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